The Well Dressed Groom


Your wedding is when you should present the very best version of yourself to your family and friends. It is the most important time to invest in quality, not to cut corners. (If you do, your guests will notice — and your wedding pictures will show it. Forever.)

I have seen my share of tuxedo nightmares: jacket sleeves that are far too short; buttons that pop off, never to be found; and pants being hurriedly swapped with the best man because the groom has an extra yard of fabric pooled around his ankles. Nothing jeopardizes a gent’s appearance like an ill-fitting tuxedo. (Nothing!) To avoid classic mistakes, follow these simple guidelines:


  • Find a tailor, one who knows his or her way around current trends regarding fit.
  • The suit jacket should hug your shoulders. You want it snug, but it shouldn’t restrict movement. It should follow the natural line of your shoulders.
  • Ask your tailor to remove any excess fabric from the sleeves, sculpting them nearer your arm. Each sleeve should hit just above the hinge of your wrist, so that you see a quarter- to half-inch of shirtsleeve cuff.
  • The jacket’s waist should be tapered and fit close to your body. This emphasizes your manly shoulders.
  • Ask your tailor to give you a slight break (the bend or kink in the pant near your shin, when the pant leg meets your shoe) on the trousers.
  • Polishing your look doesn’t stop there. One thing will kill even the best tailor-made ensemble: cheap shoes. Invest in quality shoes. You will pay more, but you will also acquire a shoe handsomely made, comfortable and durable. Two musts:
  • Goodyear-welt construction. This is when the shoe’s upper is stitched directly to the sole, making the sole easy to replace. Your good shoes could go decades.
  • A thin layer of cork between the insole and the outer sole. This layer will mold to the shape of your foot, providing a custom-like feel.
  • Do stay true to your personal style.



Originally published in FD Luxe, written by Dallas wedding photographer Cesar Perez




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