My Tools and why I Chose Them

 I am often asked what camera I shoot with and aside from being asked what subjects I shoot this is by far the most commonly asked question of any professional photographer.  The answer is always 'It depends'.  It's an understandable query because quite often the general impression conveyed by slick marketing campaigns is that the tool used is more important than the hands using it.  I want to take just a moment to dispel that myth for the curious readers among you.  I shoot Nikon for the majority of my digital work and have also worked frequently with Canon gear and have found them both to be superb performers. Both of the major DSLR manufacturers are, in fact, quite equal.  Both Canon and Nikon have certain pros and cons to each camera body and lens that they release.  I also regularly shoot with my iPad mini and/or my phone and get some very good and exciting results.  I even still shoot with film cameras whenever possible, both professionally and for personal pleasure. Each tool gives a certain unique result so I look to each of them depending on the clients desires, the given situation and quite often to obtain my specific vision for a project.


All of that being stated the following is a current list of the equipment that I use:

Digital Imaging:

  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon D700
  • Lenses (all Nikon Pro grade)
  • iPad mini
  • Smart phones
  • Nikon speedlight flashes
  • Photogenic studio strobes
  • Various diffusers and filters

Traditional Film Photography:


 Michael Napier Photography          Dallas,Texas USA          (214) 843.1781