Hello and welcome to Michael Napier Photography.

My home base is Dallas, Texas but with clients on four continents my studio is wherever I'm needed. I invite you to browse through my portfolios where you will quickly discover that I am a very proud generalist in the world of creative photography. I joyfully photograph weddings and family portraits one day and happily find myself working in studio the next to create beautiful images of gemstones and other products for my advertising clients or spending days walking the fields of a vineyard in France to find just the right angle and lighting to capture the 12th century house at the center of it all.

Being a generalist allows me to understand the varied requirements for all of these images  and the ability to pull from an extremely wide range of photographic  knowledge to accomplish them. This never ending creative exploration has kept me excited with the prospects of constantly learning new techniques that I can apply to serving my clients needs. Being a photographer has brought me tremendous joy and my work reflects this. I know you will enjoy working with me.


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