Armistice and Remembrance


I captured this series at a parade to honor military veterans and their service to the nation.

I have chosen to reference this day through its original moniker of Armistice as the word armistice signifies an end to hostilities and that is a far far superior term to use in showing respect to these generous men and women. I say generous because it takes a generous heart more than a brave one to be willing to give your life for a cause whatever that cause may be.

I have very mixed emotions when witnessing and capturing moments like these.  I feel, on the one hand, tremendous pride that these individuals have fought valiantly and survived and at the same time I can't help but feel tremendous heartfelt sorrow because I know that so many of them are broken remnants of the people who once inhabited their bodies. That is the ultimate cost of all wars, the fragments of broken humanity left in the destructive wake.


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